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59.48g Gold Nugget

59.48 gm (2.1 oz) gold nugget from the Honey Camp Goldfield Issano Mazaruni District, Guyana
Item-Description:59.48 gm (2.1 oz) gold nugget from the Honey Camp Goldfield Issano Mazaruni District, Guyana
Medium:24ct gold
Origin:Guyana - Issano Mazaruni District
Dimensions:Maximum length 50mm, weight 59.48 gms (2.1 oz)
Age:Paleoproterozoic (2.26 - 2.09 Ga)
Provenance:Field collected in the Honey Camp Goldfield 1972
Condition:Weathered, encrusted with iron oxide
Notes:The Honey Camp Goldfield is located approximately 10 miles to the southeast of Issano, on the Mazaruni River, Guyana. The area is covered by tropical rainforest. The goldfield carries a wide area of artisanal gold workings (workings starting around 1916) with almost all creeks worked for alluvial gold. There are also extensive eluvial workings on hill slopes and sporadic working of outcropping gold-quartz veins. Colluvial deposits have also been occasionally worked. The main gold bearing vein structure is the Rainbow vein, up to 2m in width and with a strike length of approximately 150m. This structure was explored by trenches, adits and drifting in 1948 by Demerara Mining giving grades of 0.2 to 0.6 oz per ton. More recently it was drilled by Riva Gold Corporation in 2010/11. The goldfield also contains several other gold-quartz vein structures notably the Alma, Camp, Brian and Brenda and Sobers Hill veins all of which have also been partly worked.

This gold nugget was panned from colluvial hill slope gravels in 1972 whilst testing the potential of the goldfield.

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