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Fine Ubud painting by I Nyoman Meja depicting a procession to a festival


Item-Description:Fine Ubud painting by I Nyoman Meja depicting a procession to a festival
Medium:Acyrilic on canvas
Origin:Indonesia - Bali
Dimensions:Length 95 cm; Height 55 cm
Age:Painted early 1980's
Provenance:Collected Bali 1985
Condition:Framed; Excellent
Notes:Signed by the artist bottom right (I Nyoman Meja Taman Ubud Bali)

I Nyoman Meja (Indonesian, b. 1952) is one of the most collectable of post colonial Balinese artists. He ranks in status to other famous Balinese artists such as Affandi and Nyoman Gunarsa who captured the life and Hindu culture of the island so brilliantly.

A remnant of the Majaphahit Kingdom (1293 ca. 1500) of South-East Asia, Bali carries the only remaining predominantly Hindu population in modern day Islamic Indonesia. As such, it exhibits its own unique ritual, spiritual and cultural life and in turn, an amazingly rich artistic tradition. One of the most famous examples of traditional Balinese ritual is the Barong Dance, typically performed in temples, and used as a narrative to convey the Balinese belief in the ongoing battle between good and evil (the universal equilibrium). This particular painting shows temple shrines, food offerings and the Barong being carried in ritual procession to be blessed prior to a major festival.

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Untitled, oil on canvas 1986, 101 x 77 cm., GBP 9.991

I Nyoman Meja

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I Nyoman Meja

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