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Batak Calendar

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Batak Karo calendar (Porhalaan) scribed on a segment of bamboo


Item-Description:Batak Karo calendar (Porhalaan) scribed on a segment of bamboo
Medium:Smoked bamboo
Origin:North Sumatra - Batak Karo
Dimensions:Length 20.8 cm, diameter 3.4 cm
Age:18th or very early 19th century
Provenance:Field collected North Sumatra 1978
Condition:Well preserved with glossy light brown patina
Notes:The Batak calendar, also know as the Porhalaan, is derived directly from the Hindu Sanskrit calendar. It is both lunar and solar in construction, generally consisting of 12 months, each month divided into 30 days but also with an occasional 13th or leap month. For the Batak, however, the calendar is not used to tell time, but is used primarily by the Batak Priest (Datu) or Shaman for divination, to determine auspicious or non-auspicious days so that festivals, rituals and spells can be better planned. Commonly the calendar is scribed on tubes of bamboo. What is interesting is that the calendar is often accompanied by written Batak scripts, which provide advice on spells and guidance on how to interpret the calendar. For more examples of Batak calendars see: The Bartlett Collection, University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology (UMMA).

This Batak Karo bamboo tube calendar is scribed with 30 rows (days) and 12 vertical columns (months). It also carries a wide 13th column of complex Batak script. Although relative short in length (20.8 cm) it is of considerable age with a fine light brown glossy patina.

Price: £180