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Sumbawa Salampe

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Sumbawa warp ikat manís waist or shoulder cloth (Salampe)


Item-Description:Sumbawa warp ikat manís waist or shoulder cloth (Salampe)
Medium:Cotton, natural dyes
Origin:Lesser Sunda Islands - Sumbawa
Dimensions:196 x 83 cm
Age:Mid 20th century
Provenance:Acquired Denpasar, Bali 1979
Condition:Excellent, no damage but very minor staining from use
Notes:A typical mid 20th century single panel and finely woven warp ikat manís shoulder cloth carrying a central zone with a large lozenge shaped area in pink, striped side ďpanelsĒ in black, red and white and three supplementary weft stripes at either end of the cloth. A simple but striking design, with the large lozenge shaped central area showing intricate ikated edges.

Price: £390