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Bali Geringsing

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Bali double ikat ceremonial shoulder cloth (Kamben Geringing)


Item-Description:Bali double ikat ceremonial shoulder cloth (Kamben Geringing)
Medium:Hand spun cotton, natural dyes
Origin:Lesser Sunda Islands - Bali Aga
Dimensions:40 x 180 cm
Age:c. 1900 to very early 20th century
Provenance:Collected Bali 1980
Condition:Outstanding, no damage
Notes:Fine Balinese sacred ceremonial shoulder cloth (Kamben Geringsing or ritual shawl) in the “Temple Motif”. Rare double ikat weave (warp and weft) from the village of Tenganan Pegeringsingan, East Bali. Natural dyes on handspun cotton, black on ecru.

Geringsing are said to possess magical and healing qualities including supernatural powers, so are worn as protection during ritual ceremonies involving rites of passage, for example, healing, exorcism and funerals. Its name in fact refers directly to its healing properties, since gering means 'disease' and sing means 'no'.

This examples carries three vertical cross sectional views of an ancient Hindu temple (represented as a Hindu Mandala) each of its four "gates" guarded by a scorpion. The semi-circular panels depict ritual scenes from within the temple.

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