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Timor Atoni Selimut

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West Timor Atoni warp ikat manís shoulder sash (Selimut)


Item-Description:West Timor Atoni warp ikat manís shoulder sash (Selimut)
Medium:Hand spun cotton, natural dyes
Origin:Lesser Sunda Islands - Atoni
Dimensions:195 x 40 cm
Age:Mid 20th century
Provenance:Acquired Denpasar, Bali 1980
Condition:Excellent, no stains, holes or tears
Notes:A narrow single panel West Timor all-ikat manís shoulder sash crowded with anthropomorphic figures and birds in white (ecru) woven using handspun cotton on a naturally died blue indigo ground. The larger ďhumanĒ figures show curved open legs with smaller humanoid figures between the legs probably representing the giving of birth. The white anthropomorphic figures are typically pitted with small aligned rectangles in indigo.

Anthropomorphic figures and birds are two of the most prevalent ikat motifs in central Timor. This cloth is a particularly fine example of this style. It is also notable that these forms of Timor cloth are orientated with the figures upside down on the lower side in direct contrast to the cloths in other areas of Indonesia (the Hinggi of Sumba Island for example) where figures are orientated so that they appear the correct way up when the cloth is shouldered.

Price: £700