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Bali Saput Songket

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Bali noblemanís ceremonial skirt or hip cloth (Saput Songket)


Item-Description:Bali noblemanís ceremonial skirt or hip cloth (Saput Songket)
Medium:Cotton, hand sun yarn with gold and silk detail
Origin:Lesser Sunda Islands - Bali
Dimensions:47 (h) x 134 (length) cm
Age:c. 1900 or very early 20th century
Provenance:Collected Bali 1983
Condition:Good, purple ground quite faded, minor holes to body
Notes:This noblemanís skirt cloth, hip cloth or over wrap (Saput Songket) depicts the battle between the mythical Garuda (the winged wayang figure located across the centre of the cloth) and the serpent (Naga) occupying the side panels. The design elements are constructed in a supplementary weft of gold thread (looks silver in reflective light) and red and light purple silks on a plain hand woven cotton ground in a darker purple. The end panels are woven separately and attached.

Price: £690