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Batak Ulos Sadum

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Sumatra Batak warp ikat shoulder cloth (Ulos Sadum)


Item-Description:Sumatra Batak warp ikat shoulder cloth (Ulos Sadum)
Medium:Cotton with a mix of commercial and natural dyes
Origin:North Sumatra - Batak
Dimensions:172 x 70 cm
Age:Mid 20th century
Provenance:Collected North Sumatra 1984
Notes:An attractive mid 20th century, single panel Ulos Sadum. This cloth carries a dominant black center zone flanked by two narrow side zones in deep maroon. There are numerous bands of supplementary weft patterns in red, white and yellow running along the entire length of the cloth creating a simple but striking patterning. Most unusual are two rows of human figures linked hand in hand.

Price: £400