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San Agustin Stone Figure

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Male figuine, San Agustin burial culture, Columbia


Item-Description:Male figuine, San Agustin burial culture, Columbia
Medium:Volcanic Andesite
Origin:Southern Columbia - San Agustin
Dimensions:Length 15 cm
Age:Archaic, B.C. 500 - A.D. 200
Provenance:Field collected San Agustin site, Columbia, 1974
Condition:Weathered patina
Notes:San Agustin is an archaic and extensive Pre-Columbian burial site located in the Southern Columbian Andes. It is thought to have been occupied and utilised between 500 BCE and 200 A.D. Covering over 50 square kilometres in area, the site carries the largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America and is considered the world’s largest necropolis. A small area (containing the highest concentration of statues and burials) has now been designated The San Agustin Archaeological Park. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Statues include both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures (crocodiles, bats and jaguars) and range up to 7 meters in height. Even today, a majority of the total site remains unexcavated.

This male figure has a curved back suggesting it may have been used as a corn or maize grinder.

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