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Chavin Stone Head

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Stone head from the Chavin civilization (900-200 BCE) Northern Peru


Item-Description:Stone head from the Chavin civilization (900-200 BCE) Northern Peru
Origin:Northern Peru - Chavin
Dimensions:Height 22 cm
Age:Archaic, 900 - 200 BCE
Provenance:CollectedLima Peru 1974
Condition:Weathered patina
Notes:The now extinct, pre-historic Chavin civilisation existed in the Northern Peru Andes from around 900 BCE to 200 BCE. The culture is best-known from its principal archaeological site, the Chavin de Huantar temple, which served as the cultures political and religious centre. The temple complex is most famous for its “tenon heads”, carved heads of deities set into the temples walls.

This is an extremely rare example of a Chavin head carved in limestone.

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