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Shawl Pin

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Peruvian Andes “Sun God” Tupu or shawl pin


Item-Description:Peruvian Andes “Sun God” Tupu or shawl pin
Medium:Yellow metal
Origin:Cusco - Quecha
Dimensions:Length 11.8 cm
Age:19th century
Provenance:Field collected Cusco, Peruvian Andes 1974
Condition:Very good, some evidence of the spike having been repaired in the past
Notes:Peruvian shawl pins or “Tupu” have been used in highland Peru since pre-Inca times. Andean Quechua and Aymara women generally wear untailored dresses (anacus) topped with a lliclla, a mantel or shawl worn across the shoulders and secured with one or more tupus, metal pins with striking, often elaborate and ornately worked ornamental heads. These pins, as well as the textiles worn, will indicate the social status of the wearer. The more elaborate the pin, the higher the status.

This is an interesting and ornate antique tupu, probably 19th century or earlier, in yellow metal which shows an Inca face surrounded by sun rays (The Sun God). Two spoons, set opposed, complete the ornament.

Price: £75